The latest reports on the state of health of the planet are alarming, and among the most polluting industries, textiles are a shameful second.  The fashion and clothing sector are part of our cultural heritage. It is also an important economic sector.

Through this blog, we would like to highlight our interest in fashion but also in ecology and our future. The concept of this blog is based on the awareness of the ethical future of the textile industry.

And even as the fashion industry is beginning to develop its ecological awareness, which is often closer to greenwashing than to a real eco-friendly approach. However, there are more and more initiatives aimed at bringing about a trend towards responsible production and consumption that is multiplying at all levels. Many labels, brands and platforms are shaking up the codes of an industry that is running out of steam by developing the idea of green fashion. We want to make known those brands and practices that want to change the meaning of things to the most curious.

The Green Fashion Hub is a collection of contributors who, like most of us, are still learning to navigate in what is called sustainable living.

We believe that many small actions can collectively make a big difference. We all have the power to vote, to invest, to make life choices, to become activists and to demand change to create the future we want.

Through this blog, we are trying to do a little something to leave the world a better place and you can contribute to this too. 

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