You too are tired of fast fashion and you don’t understand how beautiful pieces can’t be reused?? You were for so many times looking for an ultimate guide to vintage without ever finding it?

Do not look anymore, we are now here!

Looking for more sustainable shopping habits? In love with beautiful pieces that have a story, which are full of charm?

In this section, focus on 4 websites offering LA CRÈME DE LA CRÈME of vintage luxury where you will find second-hand pieces to build slowly but surely your sustainable wardrobe! 😉

Here we go !


Vestiaire Collective is THE number 1 site that you are looking for, we no longer present you this must-see site of secondhand luxury fashion.

This website made in France is a real gold mine where you can find everything. In the «Vintage» section, you can find all the classics available, whether it’s a Tweed Chanel jacket, red soled heel or even a Hermès ultra-rare Birkin bag.

Fashion designers and big luxury houses share the platform to offer you their best pieces.

Bonus? You can buy but you can also resell pieces that you no longer need or appreciate in order to make others enjoy.



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Oh yes, now you know that even luxury sellers are getting vintage. On the ultra-known Farfetch luxury platform, you’ll find a « vintage » section with the creations of the greatest designers and luxury houses.

Did you miss the Balenciaga pants of your dreams or a Jean Paul Gaultier necklace spotted on the catwalk? Do not wait any longer to shop these pieces on Farfetch.

A little aside to go further: Did you know?

Farfetch has partnered with the Thrift+ resale platform (which resells used clothes online and donates a portion of the proceeds to charities) and invites consumers to donate their used clothing and accessories to organizations in exchange for a voucher to use on the site.

Nice no? We say YESSS to such initiatives!



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You are looking to buy or sell ultra-stylish luxury pieces to fashion enthusiasts? Videdressing is for you: 1st community videdressing to look for pieces in a good conscience with good people.



Shop Louis Vuitton

Normally, you can find What Goes Around Comes Around at several addresses in the United States (do not hesitate to go if you’re around) and now all these treasures are present online. Known mainly for being a reseller of pre-owned bags and accessories, you can also find cool pieces that are worth it.


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